Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Kids involved in Skip To My Room

We are setting up our shop in The Dalles, OR. It's been really hot the past two weeks, stretching the dial over 100 degrees. Working indoors is a nice break.  The kids are involved in helping set up the store.  I love being in a place where I can bring my kids into my work and play.  I loved this picture of everyone doing their part. Here they are wiping down the ledge before we start laying product out. I love Ethan off to the left, "taking a break." More furniture arrives in a week and I am so excited.

In other news here are the new business cards for the store.  My day job is working as a business consultant in brand and marketing. It's always fun to be able to design my own stuff and work on it.

 As I am working in my office I am listening to the new Jason Mraz album called "Yes!" From the consulting side of things I am working on his account in the online space. Giving him a little plug to go and listen here: YES! on Spotify.

Today is crazy busy in getting the finer details of the shop moving forward as I set up utilities, transfer insurance location, and all that good stuff. Thanks for coming along the Skip To My Room journey. Be sure to connect with me in all of my spaces and places online.

@skiptomyroom is a good start. Wave hello.

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