Sunday, August 21, 2016

Designing That Back To School Work-Space

Designing That Back To School Work-Space by Elizabeth Traub @elizabethtraub

In just a few days kids all over the world will be pulling their chairs up to a squeaky clean desk. No doodle, no pencil eraser smudges, no color markers on the desks.  Fresh and clean desks. Our kids neatly tucking their school supplies away, folding their hands on their desks and waiting for the teachers instructions.

At least that is how I remember it as a kid.  It's not always easy to keep track of your kid's school papers, flyers and homework sent home.  I have five kids. At one time all under the same roof and believe me it would get crazy with keeping track of everything.

One thing that is important for kids of any age is structure and consistency.  It is going to help you and your child to design a back to school work-space.  A place in your home that remains THE spot for all papers, homework, books, book-bag and jacket.  If you teach your child the first week the habit of this space, you will save yourself from hair pulling moments.

I have to admit that last school year I tried something new.  My boys (three boys still at home) all have desks in their bedrooms.  Drawers filled with Lego's, paper, pens and treasures.  One child keeps his money hidden in his desk. Which I may have borrowed and put back a few times. I went to Target and purchased three wall mounted bulletin boards with hooks. Pretty dark wood framed. I thought, that having a desk, and then a coat hanger by the bedroom door, and a cork board for important papers in each room was a good idea. Coats, backpacks, important papers all in one place in each room.  If I had one child, then yes, a brilliant use of space. Three boys...noway!!!

Mommy monitoring had to happen when seeing that homework was done. Mommy monitoring to see that papers, backpacks, and coats were in order. I was going from room to room like a crazy lady.  Thus the new location was a space in my kitchen with space I could afford. A counter with drawers. Pencil sharpener, pencils and paper. A place for all homework and reading materials.  Then while cooking dinner on most nights, the boys would work on their homework, read out loud to me, and my services were available as the in-house tutor.

The boys ALL developed the habit of dropping their stuff in the same place and went off to play. I could then go through the parent information and note homework and reading that needed to be signed. It helped us all keep track. Once all was done and completed, backpacks were at the top of the stairs that could be easily grabbed in the morning.

It seems that this is no-brainer mommy or daddy stuff, but seriously this takes careful considerations for everyone involved. Designing that special back to school work-space also gives your child a sense of pride in having that space as their own.  There was a season when the three boys were much younger and the dining room table became that work space. I purchased each their own little desk organizers to keep their own markers, pencils and paper.  Often, even when there was no homework, each boy during different times of the day could be found at their only little work-space.  You might see that grades are improved with a little structure and a little working space.

Have a wonderful start to the 2016/2017 school year.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Howdy There Littlle Cowgirl

This past month I set out to put together a girls room with with a cowgirl flair. Not wanting to create the same looks I often see with red bandana, and rustic course accents I sought out pink hues.  Oh my goodness, this was not an easy task. It started with finding the bedding first, then a lamp and then all of a sudden the accessories came together. Right down to finding the perfect lamp to bring it all together.

Tissue box, boot and frames are screaming darling cowgirl.
This lamp is one word: AMAZING!

Local The Dalles, OR Designer Becky Byers made these darling dresses w/ bloomers.

 As of this posting all of these items are available at skip to my room in The Dalles, OR. We do ship anywhere in the US and if you see something here you must have, be sure to find us on Facebook and leave us a message.  This is just the sweetest collection of cowgirl fun we have yet to find.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Kids involved in Skip To My Room

We are setting up our shop in The Dalles, OR. It's been really hot the past two weeks, stretching the dial over 100 degrees. Working indoors is a nice break.  The kids are involved in helping set up the store.  I love being in a place where I can bring my kids into my work and play.  I loved this picture of everyone doing their part. Here they are wiping down the ledge before we start laying product out. I love Ethan off to the left, "taking a break." More furniture arrives in a week and I am so excited.

In other news here are the new business cards for the store.  My day job is working as a business consultant in brand and marketing. It's always fun to be able to design my own stuff and work on it.

 As I am working in my office I am listening to the new Jason Mraz album called "Yes!" From the consulting side of things I am working on his account in the online space. Giving him a little plug to go and listen here: YES! on Spotify.

Today is crazy busy in getting the finer details of the shop moving forward as I set up utilities, transfer insurance location, and all that good stuff. Thanks for coming along the Skip To My Room journey. Be sure to connect with me in all of my spaces and places online.

@skiptomyroom is a good start. Wave hello.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Story Continues for Skip To My Room

Today I got the keys to a new little boutique. I feel 26 all over again. I started Skip To My Room when I was 26 years old.  Then circumstances closed that store many years ago.  I loved those days, years ago of my young kids hanging out in the shop, learning to work, and helping care for the store. Those days long gone.  New days are ahead.

I have always kept my toes dipped into the kids room design gig. I started a webstore called Hung Out To Buy and then had a small shop in NW Portland. Now living in the The Dalles, with inventory begging to come out of hiding I found this cute little location. "Skip To My Room" has been on the tip of my tongue all week.  I looked under a name registry and it was available so I grabbed it. I decided I wanted to go back to the very thing that launched a very blessed career.   A few years back I started this blog. I had a Facebook page. The name was available on all the Social Media platforms I like to frequent.

 Tonight I just had to take some things over. So I decided to fill the first window. This display will change over a 100 times in the next year. For now it was a few things I could get my hands on. The story continues for Skip To My Room.  A change that I felt I wanted to make. That window is not even near being completed, but the hour was late and I had to leave. It's going to get better as all the product comes over. I am so blessed and grateful for this location, for this lovely community of The Dalles, OR.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tweener Fun Two/Too

Tween Fun

This room makes me smile.  Thus young tweener had a lot of input on what she wanted in this room.  We only changed the accessories and added a few furniture pieces, painted and got to work on how to store her stuff. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Decorated Items-I Take Charity

If you live in the local Portland area and have some used children's decorating items please send me a message. If you are changing out your child's room, have things in boxes stored in your garage..for years...I would like to come and possibly take them off your hands. Perhaps for a small price. 
I am working on a project and gathering up, cute, good condition items.  Things such as lamps. pictures, linens, pillows, area rugs, even some toys, furniture pieces, and anything and everything to decorate a child's room.
If you are able to take pictures of the items you may have or want to email me about what you may have, even better.  Please email at:

Also if you are interested in following ( in which I have set up dedicated specifically to the design of children's rooms as well as ask to be my friend on Facebook at skip to my room.

Thanks so much,